Online Event Registration Form – May 17th Webinar

FWE Webinar |Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic on Ways to Improve the Efficiency & Effectiveness of Education Systems, Part 3: Lessons from the U.S. Experience for Building a More Effective and Resilient Education Eco-system for the Future

May 17th @ 9:30 am EDT (UTC-4)


The Forum for World Education is conducting three successive webinars focused on what we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. This third webinar will center on the experience and outcomes of K-12 school children and what we learned that will help create more robust and effective education systems in the U.S. and possibly around the world. Presenters will pull from their experiences and research documenting the challenges for educators and children, the various adaptations in policy and practice instituted to stem learning disruptions and accelerate recovery, and the lessons regarding education tools and strategies that can help create a stronger, more resilient education eco-system for the future. 


  • Experiences of K-12 students in the U.S. during COVID-19
  • Adaptive strategies used by policy makers and practitioners
  • Educational experiences & outcomes for children
  • Promising lessons to build on or integrate into future policies & practices