OECD Webinar Friday 3 December at 13:00 (Paris time) – To play or to learn? Five-year-olds tell us what matters most


OECD Webinar Friday 3 December at 13:00 (Paris time)…


OECD Education & Skills Webinar Series – Q&A Webinar

About this webinar

The OECD International Early Learning and Child Well-being Study asked over 4 500 five-year-olds what they liked best about their kindergarten or school. Almost all children gave very specific answers, and many explained the reasoning behind their views.

Join Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director for Education and Skills, and a panel of international experts to understand what we can learn from these children and how this can help education systems provide the best possible early learning environments.

Key questions we will address are:

  • Why should education leaders and practitioners listen to children’s views, including children in the early years?
  • What is the role of play in early cognitive and social-emotional development?
  • Is there a trade-off between intentional teaching and learning, and unstructured play?

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